Council 331 has obtained language acceptable to the FAA for an AMOC (Alternate Method of Compliance) relative to AD 2006-15-08.The Council has worked with the FAA on behalf of TPE 331 operators to provide this AMOC. As a continuing effort to provide the operators with safe and quality flight the Council will require specific information in order to build a database of compliance to provide to the FAA .This data will be analyzed on a periodic basis to allow for continued use of the AMOC. Please see the below requirements.

  1. Member in good standing with Council 331.   

  2. Complete and submit AMOC compliance form.   

  3. Operators use of the AMOC constitutes agreement to follow all FAA guidelines relative to the use and continued inspection requirements of the AMOC.   

  4.    Operator agrees that compliance is performed using trained personnel with appropriate required tooling.


Please contact Barry Martin for membership form and additional information.

E-mail: barrymartin@tennairco.com
Phone: 615-758-5005

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