Election of Board Members

By nomination and vote, Dave Corwin of Turbine Standard was selected as Chairman and Barry Martin of Tennessee Aircraft was selected 
as Secretary and Treasurer. Also, Bob Hancock of Hancock Enterprises was selected as a moderator. 

Council Committee’s
They will represent the Council as a formal organization…The following volunteers should be contacted when working with the following
civil authorities:

Federal Aviation Administration
Dave Corwin   [ Turbine Standard ] 

Transport Canada 
Joe Price  [ CD Aviation Services ] 

Matt Hart  [ Tenix ]

Barry Martin   [ Tennessee Aircraft Company ] 
Michael Hansen   [ DAO Aviation ]  

For Logistical problems such as parts shortages and specific technical issues, the following volunteers can be contacted to monitor the 
specific aircraft,    and report any abnormalities and/or findings back to the committee:


Jetsteam - David Augustin Corporate Flight Management


Twin Commander - Copperstate Turbine Engine Company

Fairchild - Perimeter Airlines Randy Nichols


Special Committee’s have been established and are comprised of volunteers to follow through on specific topics and technical issues. 
Action Items are assigned and Committee members report their findings back to the Council membership at the next meeting:

A.D. 2006-14-03 New cycle counting method for 1st, 2nd, and 3rd t-wheel utilized on the TPE331 & TSE331 engine
Dave Corwin conducted a heavy review of the applicable SAIB dated September 19th, and the associated changes, which constitute an alternate method of compliance. The highlights are that the recording of multiple takeoffs and landings is on a go forward basis from the effective date of this AD,  clarification of the new cycle counting method, and clarification of the minor cycle definition. With Corporate Flight Managements input hat they do full stop take off and landings versus touch and goes and could be counted without much problem.

Recommendation: No further action was required at this time.

SAIB on Mitsubishi Aircraft on the NTS system in-flight testing requirements 
Due to the possible, implications of the SAIB requesting maintenance actions, which are not applicable if the established maintenance practices are followed, a special action committee comprised of the following volunteers was formed to review and make recommendations on behalf of Council 331

   Joe Price - CD Aviation
   John Phoenix - Copperstate Turbines
   Mario Chavez - Tenix
   Michael Hansen  - DAO
   Bob Hancock - Hancock Enterprises
   Dave Corwin - Turbine Standard

AD 2006-15-08Woodward Fuel Control Modification and Spline Inspection
The current SAIB calls for a 1,000 hour inspection, and any A&P or AME can perform this inspection. So an action committee was formed to make possible recommendation on who is qualified to inspect the spline drive, do it in conjunction with a scheduled inspection, and to simply change the spline versus changing the FCU.

   Bob Hancock - Hancock Enterprises
   Dave Campbell - Propulsion Controls
   Joe Price - CD Aviation Services
   Joe Price - CD Aviation Services Canada

Idler Bearing Failures on the 3103035-1 and 3103585-1 Bearings
With the continuing failure of idler gear bearings, the topic of discussion addressed 4 recent failures out of Australia and delays on SOAP sample report times. A committee of the following individuals was formed to address these concerns

   Michael Hansen  - DAO (per Jimmy Anderson
   Mario Chavez - Tenix
   Dave Corwin - Turbine Standard
   Joe Price - CD Aviation Services
   Bob Hancock - Hancock Enterprises

7,000 Hour TBO Requirements per 72-0180 Rev 31 and 72-0476 Rev 27
A clarification of the statement "…within 9 years since last access of the affected parts" is needed. Since this question was already in the works from the Metro Conference in May, Wes took this question as an action item.
Joe Price - CD Aviation Services Canada 

Standardization of Traceability Sheets at HSI, Overhaul, and CAM
There was a discussion of the possibility of standardizing the traceability sheets from the different maintenance facilities.

Conclusion: this is a commercial issue and can’t be standardized. No Action Assignment

Removal of Turbine Wheel Rivet Hole Repairs
There was a review of the IRM Temporary Revisions to 72-IR-10 and 72-IR-15 on the removal of the turbine wheel crack repairs. Since the FAA 
has committed to approve repairs that qualified repair stations submit and shops such as Southwest Turbine are pursuing rework approvals 
of their own, the council is currently considering this issue as a commercial commitment, and it is off the table. This is further enforced with the special prorated pricing program that Honeywell is reportedly developing per Chris Kelner.

No Action Assignment (Review Only)

Maintenance Tip on S.B. 72-0619
This bulletin provide an engine with improved Negative Torque Sensing (NTS) operation by changing to a feathering valve that has a lower 
operating pressure, and to insure NTS lockout during reverse operation by changing the NTS orifice assembly dump rate to interface with 
feathering valve with lower operating pressure. The concern was to point out there can be a problem if someone interchanges a pre SB feather valve with a post valve that is not compatible with the current NTS orifice.

No Action Assignment (Review Only)

Removal of Lock Tabs from the Prop Shaft Bearing Retaining Bolts per S.B. 72-0957
Several repair shops have seen the retaining bolts loosen on the -12 engine, and we should recommend the reinstallation of the MS8581-09
lock tabs removed by this bulletin

Action Assignment (Review Only)

Helical Twist Gears on -12 Engines
It was brought up that Tenix had seen 4 each of the helical twist gears removed early for excessive teeth wear. Also, Bearskin has seen wear
on the rim of the bull gear from rubbing, and Honeywell has advised that this wear is acceptable. The concern is that the new helical 
twist gear modification for the TPE331-11/-12 engines does not incorporate the trust retaining features that are utilized on the TPE331-10 engine.

Action: Bring it up at the NBAA TPE331 M&O