Council 331

Council 331 Mission Statement

To provide an independent technical and operational maintenance forum to ensure the continuing quality and safety of the Honeywell/Garrett TPE331 series, aircraft gas turbine, turboprop engines.

Council 331 Meetings

It was suggested and nominated that Council 331 will have two formal meetings per year and these will be done in conjunction with the NBAA and Metro Operators Conference.


FCU AMOC   Posted Nov. 11, 2011

 Council 331 has obtained language acceptable to the FAA for an AMOC (Alternate    Method of Compliance) relative to AD 2006-15-08. The Council has worked with the    FAA on behalf of TPE 331 operators to provide this AMOC. As a continuing effort to    provide the operators with safe and quality flight the Council will require specific    information in order to build a database of compliance to provide to the FAA .
Presentations & AMOC's
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